Things to do


The City:

Visit the colonial historic center of Sangolquí with the central place, a beautiful church and colonial houses; furthermore Sangolquí has modern monuments (General Rumiñahui, El Choclo (the corn cob) and El Colobrí (the hummingbird), urban parks, a lively market (Thursdays and Sundays) and shopping malls

Hiking trails:

Hiking trails, bicycle tracks and horseback riding paths (the rental of bicycles and horses can be booked through the Hostería)

Festivals in Sangolquí:

  • Carnival (mostly end of February): colorful parades with dance groups
  • Holy Week: various religious festivities like the re-enactment of the crucifixion and traditional dishes can be enjoyed
  • Fiestas de cantonización (celebration for the founding of canton Rumiñahui) in May: cultural and sporting events, beauty competitions, culinary events and military parade
  • maize and tourism festival in September: festive street parade with horsemen and dance groups, Desfile del Chagra: street parade with costumed cowboys, bullfights, handcraft exhibitions and culinary events
  • Novena of the Christ Child in December: life-sized crib, Christmas carols music groups and choirs, traditional dance groups, typical culinary delicacies
  • New Year‘s Eve celebration: burning life-sized dolls which represent famous personalities

Festivities, that are appealing to residents and tourists alike, are on offer throughout the year in the surrounding area.


(the relative distance from the Hostería Sommergarten is indicated in brackets)

Quito (26 km):

The capital city offers great sightseeing opportunities such as a big colonial historic center, numerous churches and monuments, museums and galleries. With the Teleférico (a cable car) you can ride up to the flanks of Volcano Pichincha which is nearly 4000 m high and enjoy the spectacular view.

Equator monument (52 km):

Visit the location where Charles Marie de La Condamine as the first European that determined the position of the equator.

Boulevard of the Volcanoes:

Pasochoa (14 km), Rumiñahui (20 km), Ilaló (28 km), Pichincha (34 km), Cotopaxi (35 km), Antizana (40 km) – To ascent the volcanoes and for trekking tours a certified guide is needed. We offer tailor-made guided tours in different difficulty levels that suits you at

Water falls:

Cóndor Machay (11 km), Rumibosque (12 km), Kimsa (15 km), Molinuco (15 km), Pita (15 km), Vilatuña (17 km) – To each water fall there are hiking trails.

Hot springs Papallacta (70 km):

Relax in the hot springs of volcanic origin.

Hotspots for bird watchers:

Guango Lodge (74 km), Mindo (126 km) und Cabañas San Isidro (181 km): Discover the variety of hummingbirds, cock of the rock, trogons, woodcreepers, flycatchers, tanagers and many more species.

Mindo (107 km):

Visit the recently opened to public restored cult site of the Yumbo-Indians whose history dates back from 800 B.C. to 1660 A.C.

Otavalo (116 km):

This city in the Andes is nationally known for its indio market – the biggest of its kind in South America. You can purchase handmade textiles, in particular ponchos.

Lagune Cuicocha (144 km):

At the foot of Cotacachi lies this beautiful lagoon. Hiking trails along the crater rim are a possibility.

Good additional travel connections from Sangolquí

Good additional travel connections from Sangolquí

  • To the jungle (Amazon basin), ideal starting point is at Tena (181 km), guided jungle tours can be started from there
  • To the tropical coast line, e. g. to the fourth largest city of Ecuador Santo Domingo de los Colorados (124 km) where you can visit the indigenous community of the Tsachilas
  • To the coast, e. g. to the scenic seaside resort Mompiche (334 km) with beautiful beaches
  • To the less renown north, e. g. to the fascinating Páramo El Ángel (205 km) with the lagune Voladero where you can see the beautiful flowers called Frailejones, or even to Columbia (275 km to the border)
  • To the south of the country over the Andes to the harbour city Guayaquil (405 km) or to Cuenca (430 km) the colonial pearl of the country

Day trips can be booked by us on-site. We kindly ask you to book tours to other parts of Ecuador beforehand at Ecuador Discover (